High-Quality Materials

Our high-quality materials set our masks apart from many cheaper alternatives. We have found and tested many 3-layer masks with ineffective or completely fake filters. Our masks are made with the highest-quality materials available. The inner and outer layers use a non-woven, spun-bound polypropylene, while the middle filter layer uses a non-woven, melt-blown polypropylene.


Quality Control

Our masks are meticulously produced and tested to ensure the highest quality. Our pharmaceutical supplier follows strict ISO standards, including ISO 13485:2016 for Quality Management System in an ISO 8 clean room. Our team member oversees daily production to ensure all standards are met, and to test both raw materials and finished masks for quality and integrity.


Supplier Integrity

We vetted every mask suppliers to partner with the facility we found to have the highest levels of quality, professionalism, and integrity throughout the process. Our team on the ground is working with the supplier to provide daily oversight of the entire operation. We perform our own in-house testing including filtration, breathability, flammability, and fit tests. We don’t just rely on certificates. Our team is there to verify that all quality and standards are being upheld.


Price Integrity

We understand that our prices are higher than similar masks during normal times. Many cheaper masks are currently backordered for months, provide ineffective protection, or are downright fake. Our number one priority is to deliver safe and effective masks. Production costs are high from increased materials pricing, increased air shipping costs, and costs of building new manufacturing equipment and facilities from scratch. As our costs decrease, we will decrease our prices.


Personal Prevention Equipment for extra protection.

Disposable Face Mask for Kids General Purpose Use 20 Count / Box


    This single-use face mask covers the wearer's nose and mouth, providing a general physical barrier to protect the wearer. This mask also provides general protection for the environment from the wearer.


    Not recommended in settings where exposure to liquid, bodily, or other hazardous fluids is expected, or where infection risk through inhalation is high, or in the presence of a high-intensity heat source or flammable gas. These are not N95 respirators.


    While demand is high, we are currently providing this product to customers on a need basis. To ensure personal prevention equipment are available for all of our customers, we have limited all face masks to 200 count per customer per day.



With every purchase you make, we're proud to donate 50 cents.